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We've got plenty of nice sandy beaches here in the sunshine state, but the comfort and benefit of owning one's own pool are hard to overlook in as hot an area as this. If you are fortunate enough to own a pool, then remember that you are going to need a good pool pump on your property. We install and service some of the finest pool pumps available.

Without a good pool pump in place, your pool would be little more than a large bucket of stagnant water. Whether you need a new pool pump installed, or you want your existing pool pump tuned up or repaired, just dial our number. AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC stands by the work that our plumbers do and the products that we use.

What Does a Pool Pump Do?

Pools are not, in truth, incredibly complicated. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need some standard equipment to keep them operating properly and in the best, most hygienic condition, though. Balancing pH levels and keeping the pool properly chlorinated is only a part of the procedure.

You also need a pool pump to act as the center of the pool’s circulation system. The pump pulls the water through the skimmer, forces it through the filtration system, and returns it to the swimming basin. This helps to keep the pool water fresh and clean, and your swimming experience will be better for it.

You Need a Professionally Installed Pool Pump

The pool pump is relatively straightforward in design, featuring motor, an impeller, hair trap, etc. Because this is still a mechanical system however simple, though, it is necessary that the pool pump is professionally installed. The need for a professional installation is reinforced by the fact that the pump is in contact with water, and electricity is needed to power the pump. Ensuring a safe pool pump operation means scheduling a professional installation.

If your existing pool pump keeps getting clogged up due to malfunctions, or if it has broken down entirely, you need only give us a call to find a great replacement. We’ll make sure that the new pool pump is appropriately sized for your needs, and that it is installed properly and according to local codes and regulations. Call today to learn more.

You Need Routine Maintenance and, Occasionally, Professional Repairs

Keeping a pool pump in great working condition is not necessarily as simple as you may think. You are going to need to have your pool pump inspected and tuned up on a regular basis to ensure that it is functioning not only properly, but safely. We are happy to evaluate your pool pump and its electrical connections/components for you.

Should your pool pump give out on you, don’t immediately assume that it is time to sink your money into a replacement. Instead, dial our number to schedule pool pump repairs in Jacksonville, FL. In many cases, the skilled professionals on our staff will be able to get your pool pump back up and working reliably.

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