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You use your air conditioner a lot in this part of the country, obviously. You use your heating system far, far less, of course, but you need it on those nights when the temperatures cool off a bit too much for comfort. Have you ever wished that you could take greater control over these systems, though? You can, so long as you have a professionally installed zone control system in Jacksonville, FL.

A zone control system allows you to regulate temperatures throughout your home in ways that you never have before. In order to get the most from this technology, you need to know that it is designed with care and integrated into your existing HVAC system with the utmost skill. Working with AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC guarantees that this is the case.

How Does Zone Heating and Cooling Work?

A zone control system comprises a few basic components. These are multiple thermostats, electronic dampers, and a central control panel. The thermostats are installed in each "zone" of your home, as decided upon by you and your technician. They are wired into your control panel, as are the electronic dampers, which are installed strategically in your ductwork.

When you adjust the temperature at any one of these thermostats, the dampers will respond accordingly. This means that you can heat and cool only those areas of your home that you choose to, and only as much as you choose to. This method of heating and cooling has a few benefits to offer.

Benefits of Using a Zone Control System in Jacksonville, FL

The most obvious benefit of using a zone control system is that you can enjoy more refined comfort in your home. If you are having a party, for instance, you may need some extra cooling in your main living area, while your bedrooms will be unoccupied and require less. Because different people are comfortable at different temperatures, zone heating and zone air conditioning can also eliminate squabbles over thermostat settings.

Another benefit, though, is that you can reduce the heating and cooling demand on your HVAC system. This can help to reduce the wear and tear on your system, which in turn helps to reduce the risk of operational issues and repair needs. If you want to take control over your HVAC system with outstanding results, we cannot recommend the use of a zone control system highly enough.

We Install, Repair, and Replace Zone Control Systems

For all of the potential benefits of using a zone control system, yours will be worth very little if it is not well designed and expertly installed. That is why we recommend that you let us handle your zone control system installation or replacement. Our licensed and insured HVAC technicians will ensure that your system is meticulously planned out, and that the installation or replacement of your zone control system meets the highest standards.

Have you noticed that you are unable to successfully regulate temperatures in certain areas of your home? Does it seem like you have low airflow to a certain temperature zone? Whatever issues you may encounter, you can trust our staff to handle any necessary zone control system repairs accordingly. Your 100% satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.

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