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A lot of homeowners tend to pair their central air conditioning systems, which most use in this area, with a furnace that can share that ductwork. In some cases, though, homeowners may wish to avoid the use of a ducted heating system. If so, radiant heating in Jacksonville, FL is definitely an option to consider.

Installing a radiant heating system can be a pretty big undertaking, especially in an existing home. If you want to ensure that your radiant heater is able to handle your heating needs, and that it will work as efficiently and reliably as possible, be sure to dial our number. Since 2004, AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC has been helping residential property owners to heat their homes with great success.

How Does Radiant Heating Work?

Radiant heating does not entail blowing heated air throughout one’s home. Instead, a radiant heater in Jacksonville, FL will apply heat directly to surfaces in your home, such as the walls or floors. The precise methodology will vary depending upon the setup of your system, but the result is the same. Heat radiates out and up from those surfaces, warming objects directly – including human bodies.

Hydronic heating systems are very common these days, requiring that the water heated by the boiler is circulated throughout a system of pipes beneath the floor. In–floor heating may also use electric cables, or electric panels may be installed in the walls. We’ll assess your property and work closely with you to ensure that you have the best radiant heater for your needs in place.

We Can Install or Replace Your Radiant Heating System

For obvious reasons, you really don’t want to risk a subpar radiant heating installation. You risk damage to your property if unqualified individuals are pulling up existing floors or trying to install panels in the walls. When we install your radiant heating system, we’ll take great care not only to size your equipment correctly and install it properly, but also to ensure that your home is not at risk due to leaking water or electrical problems.

One of the great selling points of radiant heating systems is the fact that they last for a very long time. This is thanks in large part to the fact that they simply have fewer moving parts than, say, a furnace. Even so, your radiant heater will eventually give out on you. When it does, our technicians are here to complete your radiant heating replacement the right way, the first time.

We Offer Radiant Heating Repair and Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL

Just because radiant heating systems are so incredibly durable and reliable doesn’t mean that yours will always function properly. It is a matter of when, not if, you will need radiant heater repairs. A drop in efficiency, short cycling, plummeting heating output, loud operational sounds, or any other apparent issues should be evaluated and resolved by a trained professional as soon as possible.

One tip that we’ll give you is that routine radiant heater maintenance is without a doubt the best way in which to keep your system up and running properly. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your system and its many individual components, tuning it and them up as needed. When every piece of the system at large is operating properly, you’ll be able to enjoy the best that your system has to offer.

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