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At the very least, your pool is a relaxing oasis in which to while away the time on a hot summer day. At most, your pool is an absolute lifesaver in which to beat the heat when the temperature really soars. Have you ever lamented having to call it a night, though, just because it grows darker and your pool cools down? Why not invest in a pool heater in Jacksonville, FL, then?

When you use a pool heater, you decide when the party is over, not your water temperature. Just keep in mind the fact that your pool heater will only function effectively and reliably – not to mention safely – if it is installed and serviced by a trained professional. Dial our number, and let the pool heater pros at AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC handle the job, whatever it may be.

Choosing the Right Pool Heater for Your Needs

There are a lot of different pool heaters available to residential property owners, and you should really take the time to get to know them all. You don’t want to invest in a new pool heater in Jacksonville, FL, only to find that it is not the right fit for your needs or user preferences. Here are a few to consider.

  • Solar Pool Heaters of course use the power of the sun in order to power the heater itself. This means that the energy used to heat the water is free and renewable. You will need to have a collector installed on your property in order to use a solar pool heater, typically on the roof.
  • Electric Pool Heaters simply use electricity in order to warm the water in which you swim. They are easily installed and are quite compact. Just remember that electricity can be an expensive option for powering any appliance, your pool heater included.
  • Heat Pump Pool Heaters utilize the heat transfer principle in order to heat pool water with great efficiency. Using ambient heat from the air outside, of which there is plenty, the heat pump then uses that existing thermal energy in order to keep your pool warm.
  • Gas Pool Heaters offer powerful heating output while utilizing affordable, relatively clean burning natural gas. You’ll need to have access to a natural gas line to use this type of pool heater, and you definitely need a professional to guarantee that it is using natural gas safely.

We Install and Service Pool Heaters

No matter what type of pool heater you may choose to use, regardless of whether you are having one installed for the first time or are replacing an old, ineffective model, you need to hire a professional to do the job. We excel in pool heater installation and replacement services. We’ll make sure that your system is of the right size to heat your pool effectively and that it is able to operate safely at all times.

The moment that you suspect that there is a problem with your pool heater, dial our number to schedule professional pool heater repairs in Jacksonville, FL. You don’t want to delay when it comes to potential electrical issues around water, or even a gas leak on your property. Whatever the problem may be, we can resolve it. We can also inspect and tune up your system. Pool heater maintenance is definitely your best line of defense against operational problems.

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Angie and staff are the BEST!! Had to have a new system and major electrical work to be cool again and every one I had to deal with was awesome. - Julie C.S., July 29, 2016

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