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Hot as the summer season may be around here, the weather will and always does cool down eventually. We may look forward to the cooler nights for a change of pace, but they’re tough to enjoy when you’re not able to heat your home sufficiently. When you have a dependable furnace in Jacksonville, FL, though, you won’t have to worry about that. Unless…

Unless, of course, you think that investing in a good furnace is enough to ensure your comfort. There are a lot of great heating systems on the market. Not a single one of them, though, is guaranteed to meet your heating needs on its own. That is why you need to pair your furnace with outstanding furnace services, which is where the heating professionals at AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC enter the equation.

The Right Furnace for the Right Home

Not every furnace is going to suit every homeowner’s needs perfectly. First of all, it is vital that your furnace is of the right size for your home. Too small, and it will struggle to heat your home effectively. Too large, and it will heat your home too quickly, short cycling and wasting energy while incurring unnecessary wear and tear. There is also the type of furnace to consider.

Gas furnaces are preferred by many. Natural gas is piped directly to the home, and is quite affordable. Not all homes will have access to natural gas, though, or the existing hookups and piping required to use it. Electricity is another option to consider, and is more or less standard in every modern home. That being said, despite their incredible efficiency, the cost of electricity can make electric furnaces more expensive to operate. Let us help you to find the right furnace for your needs.

We Install and Replace Gas and Electric Furnaces

Our furnace services are indeed comprehensive. When you are ready to have a brand new furnace installed in a brand new home, we’ll be there to ensure that it is installed properly to guarantee its safe and reliable operation. Do you have an old furnace that is in need of replacement in your existing property?

We can handle that job too! Just give our staff a call, and we’ll walk you through the furnace replacement process. Sure, modern furnaces have very impressive lifespans. No mechanical system will last indefinitely, though. When the time to replace your furnace comes, ours is the number to call for peace of mind and incredible comfort opportunity.

We Offer Furnace Repairs and Maintenance, As Well

Has your furnace been blowing rather cool air? Does it make odd sounds, suddenly cost more to operate, or fail to cycle on at all? There are a number of potential problems that may develop with any furnace. If you want yours repaired not only promptly, but correctly from start to finish, be sure to schedule your furnace repairs in Jacksonville, FL with the pros on our team.

We’ve been family owned and operated throughout our nearly decade and a half in this industry, and we now how furnaces work inside and out. We also know that the best way in which to keep your furnace operating as efficiently, effectively, and reliably as possible is to schedule routine furnace maintenance. When one of our licensed and insured furnace technicians meticulously tunes up your furnace for you, you can count on it to meet and exceed your performance expectations.

We’re In Your Neighborhood–Before You Repair or Replace, Call Us!

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I could not have been more pleased, especially when my AC was out, it was 100 degrees outside... - Happy Customer, July 29, 2016

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