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When you think of your home comfort systems, you probably think primarily of your whole-house cooling system. After all, the need for our heating systems in this area is pretty few and far between. That is precisely why you may want to consider the use a dual fuel system in Jacksonville, FL.

Dual fuel systems are capable of both heating and cooling your home, as you’ll learn more about below. Just remember that you need to have your dual fuel system installed and serviced by trained professionals. Doing so is simple, fortunately.

You need only dial our number! With over a decade in the industry, AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC is the family owned and operated company that you can count on for great HVAC services, including dual fuel system installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. Call now to get started.

What Is a Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System?

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but a hybrid heat dual fuel system is a type of home heating and cooling system that merits your serious consideration. As the name implies, these systems are a hybrid of components from various other systems. They are designed to excel in all facets of heating and cooling.

Typically, a hybrid heat dual fuel system will incorporate an electric heat pump with a natural gas furnace. The system itself can make the call as to which fuel should be used at any given time. This is beneficial in a few ways.

Why Choose a Dual Fuel Heat Pump?

When you use a dual fuel heat pump, you get the great versatility and efficiency of an electric heat pump. However, you also get the workhorse reliability of a gas furnace. Now, we don’t have extremely cold weather around here, but this is still a big plus.

The system uses data collected by the system controls to determine which fuel source is the most economical at any given time. Heat pumps are renowned for their efficiency, but factors such as peak usage times, fuel price fluctuations, etc. may mean that using the gas furnace is the way to go.

We Install and Service Hybrid Heat Systems

The key to getting a great performance from your hybrid heat system is the same as with any other system: working with skilled professionals. The dual fuel system experts on our staff will ensure that your system is of the right size for your needs. We’ll also make sure that it is installed with the utmost care, and we can handle your dual fuel system replacement when the time comes.

Want to keep your dual fuel heat pump system in the best working condition possible? Then you’re going to need to schedule routine dual fuel heat pump maintenance. Do so with us, and a comprehensive, effective service is guaranteed. Even so, you will eventually require dual fuel system repairs in Jacksonville, FL. Allow us to diagnose and resolve any problems that you may encounter.

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