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Summers in Florida bring more than just incredible heat. They also bring heavy winds, serious storms, and even hurricanes. As if dealing with all of that in general weren't bad enough, you also have to be concerned with what it can do to your electrical system. A primary concern amongst homeowners is a power surge.

Considering the likelihood of a power surge in this part of the country, you should take any steps possible to protect yourself and your property. The best step to take is certainly to have a whole-house surge protection system installed. With a whole-house surge protector in Jacksonville, FL, installed by the pros at AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC, your electrical system is seriously covered.

Why Choose a Whole–House Surge Protector?

If you’re wondering why you should choose a whole–house surge protector in Jacksonville, FL, here’s a tip. Go seek out one of the small power strips that you undoubtedly use throughout your house, which offer "surge protection." Now take a good look at it, consider what you paid for it versus the value of the devices that you plug into it, and ask yourself if you really have faith in its capabilities.

A whole–house surge protector is not only far more effective at protecting electronics and appliances from power surges in your home. It can also protect them from different kinds of surges, coming from different areas.

While it will certainly protect you from devastating lighting strikes, it will also protect every electronic device plugged into your system from the smaller surges that occur due to downed power lines, sudden changes in electrical consumption in the vicinity, and those surges coming in through cable/phone lines. More minor surges can do damage that may not manifest itself for some time, but not when you have whole–house protection.

Let Us Install or Replace Your Whole–House Surge Protector

Whole–house surge protection is comprehensive, and it requires that the surge protection equipment be wired directly into your home’s electrical system. You won’t be plugging individual appliances or devices directly into the surge protector. Instead, all of the devices plugged into your walls are covered. That is why a professional whole–house surge protector installation in Jacksonville, FL is necessary.

We are happy to install a brand new surge protector if you are just now starting to realize the benefits of using one. Of course, we can also handle your whole–house surge protection replacement, should you need a new system installed. We will make sure that your protector is rated to stop an appropriate amount of electricity, and we’ll advise you as to whether or not smaller units are needed for your cable and phone lines.

We Can Repair and Maintain Your Whole–House Surge Protector

Your whole–house surge protector is going to require little in the way of maintenance. In fact, most models will run self–tests and will have indicator lights to alert you to its status. Even so, your whole–house surge protector should certainly be inspected and tested, along with your electrical system at large, by a qualified electrician on a set schedule.

Should you notice that the indicator lights indicate a problem, or if you experience the effects of a power surge despite the fact that you have a whole–house suppression system in place, contact us immediately. The longer that you put off any necessary repairs, the worse off the device will be.

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