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When it comes to using electricity in one's home, safety is obviously the name of the game. What you may not realize, though, is that your existing equipment may not be quite as safe as you think. If you don't have GFCI and AFCI outlets installed in the right places throughout your home, you are not using electricity in the safest manner possible.

GFCI and AFCI outlets are similar, but they do not serve the same function. Likewise, they are required in different areas of the home, depending upon region. It can be a tricky field to navigate, but you can trust the professional electricians at AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC to guarantee that you have the right outlets in the required areas throughout your home.

What Do GFCI and AFCI Outlets Do?

GFCI outlets, or ground fault circuit interrupters, are used in areas where water may be present. They have been required in certain areas for decades at this point, such as around pool equipment or just at outdoor receptacles. These days, they are also commonly used in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. When the outlet senses an imbalance in electrical current, signaling that electricity is grounding itself via an unintended path, the outlet acts like a circuit breaker, and must be reset before further use.

AFCI outlets, or arc fault circuit interrupters, also stem the flow of electricity, but in different events. Arc faults occur when electricity arcs in an undesirable manner, such as when wiring is frayed or damaged. They serve to prevent fires in the home, and are often required in bedrooms, if not all living spaces. If you bought an old home and aren’t sure if the previous seller ever updated these outlets, contact our team to discuss any required action.

We Install and Replace GFCI and AFCI Outlets in Jacksonville, FL

Considering the fact that both GFCI and AFCI outlets are, at their cores, safety precautions, it would be pretty foolish to allow anyone other than a professional electrician to install yours. We will help you to understand where these outlets are required by local codes and regulations, as well as where it is simply advisable to have them installed. Of course, the actual AFCI/GFCI installations that we complete will be flawless.

We can also complete any necessary AFCI or GFCI outlet replacements for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any concerns about your existing outlets, or if you have any dead outlets throughout your home. Your convenience in using your electrical system is second only to your safety in doing so, as far as we’re concerned.

Schedule GFCI/AFCI Repairs and Maintenance with Us

Is your GFCI outlet shutting off the flow of power to your hairdryer every single morning? Have you noticed singe marks on the faceplate of an AFCI outlet in your home? Contact us immediately to get the AFCI/GFCI outlet repairs that you need.

While these outlets won’t necessarily need the level of maintenance that, say, a heating system does, they should still be tested and maintained by a professional electrician on a regular basis. We can handle your AFCI and/or GFCI outlet maintenance properly, along with the maintenance of your entire electrical system at large. Contact us with any questions that you may have.

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