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We all want to save money where we can, but there are certain jobs that you simply cannot reasonably take on yourself. Electrical wiring and rewiring both firmly fall into this category. There are a number of reasons as to why you need to schedule your electrical wiring and rewiring services in Jacksonville, FL with trained, professional electricians. The most important one, we believe, is your own safety.

From considering hot and neutral wires to grounding wires, switches, outlets, and wire gauges, it is clear that this is the type of project that requires more than a brief bit of research online. We are licensed electricians, and we stand behind not only the quality of the work that we do, but also the quality of the materials that we use. For electrical wiring that is safe to use, up to code, and satisfies all local regulations, AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC is the company to call.

We Install Complete Home Wiring Systems

If you have a brand new house going up, you likely have a whole lot going on in your mind right now. The last thing that you want to waste time with is worrying that your wiring system won’t pass inspection, or that you won’t have access to the various receptacles and switches that you need. We will work closely with you to be clear on your home wiring needs, and we will help to guarantee that your vision is realized.

It’s your home, and you should be able to live in the comfort and convenience that you deserve. If your wiring system is a mess, or if your home wiring is composed of subpar materials, this simply won’t be the case. You can count on our electricians to design you a winning wiring system.

Is It Time for Rewiring in Jacksonville, FL?

Rewiring an entire home can be a pretty major job, but there are situations in which it is undoubtedly your best, if not only, option. If you have any cause for concern regarding the wiring in your home, feel free to contact us and to have it evaluated by the professional electricians on our staff. We will make your safety our top priority.

Rewiring is necessary for many different reasons. It’s possible that your wiring system was not well–designed to begin with, and starting with a clean slate is advisable. Perhaps your wires have been extensively damaged by pests, or subpar materials have left you with a fire hazard. Whatever the case may be, our electricians will help you to understand your options, and we’ll only recommend rewiring if it is truly in your best interest.

Wiring Repairs May Be Possible

Don’t hesitate to dial our number because you don’t want to be told that rewiring is necessary. In many instances, wiring repairs are enough to get one’s electrical system back on track. The key thing to remember is that no issue is too minor to contact the professionals about.

You should contact us if you start to see burn marks on outlet or light switch covers, if you can smell burning when using your electrical system, or if you are frequently resetting your circuit breakers. Basically, if your electrical system is not working flawlessly, it is not working properly. There are plenty of instances in which you may choose to compromise safely. When it comes to your electrical system, though, it is no time to compromise on performance.

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This is a great Company! Fixed my AC in the Sweltering Heat! Now I'm nice and Cool! Great Work! - Barbara H.H., July 29, 2016

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