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It doesn't matter if you have a multi-story home with long staircases, or a more modest, even single level home; lugging a vacuum cleaner from room to room, unplugging it only to plug it back in over and over, is absolutely nobody's idea of a good time. That is why you may want to consider the use of a central vacuum system in Jacksonville, FL. These systems can benefit homeowners in a number of ways.

Of course, because this system must wired into your electrical system, it is very important that you schedule your central vacuum system installation and subsequent services with qualified professionals. The experienced electricians on the AA Service and Repair-North Florida AC team certainly fit the bill. Call today to learn more about your central vacuum options.

Why Choose a Central Vacuum System?

When it comes to a central vacuum system, it’s all about convenience. If you’re sick of dinging up the corners of your hallways and huffing and puffing your way up the stairs with a heavy old vacuum, you can leave that all in the past. With a central vacuum system in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll only have to carry around the attachment of your choice.

With a central vacuum, you plug the attachments that you want to use right into the wall. Your electrician will install receptacles throughout your home, and they will closely resemble a covered outlet. Instead of electronics, though, you’ll plug you vacuuming attachments into them. When you’re done, simply make your way to the centralized collection bin, and empty the bag or canister. It’s cleaner, quicker, and more effective to vacuum this way.

Leave Your Central Vacuum System Installation to Us

We know that there are many handy homeowners out there, and those that pride themselves on their DIY aesthetic. Just remember that there is a time and a place for that work ethic, and that your central vacuum system should be professionally installed. If you are installing a system into an existing home, you’ll have to cut through drywall to install inlets, and wire the system into the existing electrical system. There is also the layout of the tubing to consider.

Even replacing an existing central vacuum system is something to leave to the professionals. You don’t want to do the work yourself, only to find that you have low suction levels, potentially leaking the dust and dirt that you’re vacuuming up into your wall space. Protect your safety, and the integrity of your system, by allowing us to install it.

Contact Us for Central Vacuum Repairs or Maintenance

Generally speaking, most of the maintenance that your central vacuum system will require can be handled by you yourself. You’ll want to clean the dirt bucket regularly, ideally when it is only about half full. This will probably only be about twice a year, though that will change depending upon various factors in your home. You’ll also want to change the filters, and may use cleaning cloths that you simply vacuum up to protect the hose.

Should you lose suction, if your system is frequently tripping your circuit breaker, or if you encounter any other problems, suspend your use of the system and dial our number right away. Continuing to use a compromised central vacuum is only going to put it at an increased risk of operational damages. Schedule central vacuum repairs with us at the very first sign of trouble.

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