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How Clean Is Your Bathroom, and Why Do We Care?

Monday, January 23rd, 2017 at 11:00 am

how-clean-is-your-bathroomWith temperatures in the area cooling down to the point that we can begin to turn off our air conditioning systems, now is the perfect time to turn your attention to another important component of your home comfort—your plumbing system. Particularly, your bathroom plumbing—is it in good shape? Are you having it maintained to limit your Jacksonville, FL plumbing repair needs?

In addition to having your plumbing professionally maintained on a routine basis, it’s important that you remain vigilant and aware of how clean your bathroom plumbing is. Take a look around your showerhead. Do you see possible mold growth, or a buildup of lime scale? Check your toilet too—both inside the bowl and the tank, as well as around the base.

Humidity and Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is naturally one of the most humid areas of your home, and not addressing this issue can lead to the development of mold and mildew. This can cause a much bigger problem in that it can begin to create indoor air quality problems, and subsequent health issues, for you and your family. Soon, you may find that occupants of your home who suffer from allergies or asthma are seeing an increase in their symptoms.

Preventing this problem is as simple as following a few basic hygiene tips:

  • Keep your bathroom ventilated. If your bathroom does not have windows, utilize the bathroom fan during and after you shower.
  • Do Consistent light cleaning. When you are done in the shower, use a rag to wipe it down and same with your bathtub. Spraying a vinegar-water solution is another good way to stave off potentially unhealthy bacteria.
  • Close the lid before you flush your toilet. Keeping the toilet lid open when you flush encourages humidity, the release of organic waste and gases, and spreads bacteria throughout your bathroom.

What about Lime Scale Buildup?

Lime scale buildup is the result of an accumulation of minerals—namely magnesium and calcium. While not inherently unhealthy for humans, this problem—called hard water—can eventually damage your plumbing. If you notice an excessive amount of lime scale buildup or find that you are constantly cleaning it off your shower heads and sink faucets, then there is a good chance you have hard water.

Fortunately, when you schedule plumbing maintenance with our team, we can check for this and make appropriate repairs or recommendations for service. It’s up to you, though, to stay on top of scheduling regular service and keeping an eye on the condition of your bathroom plumbing.

Drain Cleaning

Eventually there may come a time, no matter how well you take care of the exterior of your plumbing system, that you may need drain cleaning services. You may develop a clog due to the above-mentioned lime scale buildup, hair, or the build-up of soap scum. When this happens, you only want to trust professionals to handle the issue. Relying on store-bought chemical drain cleaners can do more harm than good (check out to learn more about how toxic ‘everyday’ home cleaners are!), leaving you with corroded pipes and even bigger clogs than you once started out with.

No matter what your bathroom plumbing service needs may be, you can count on

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