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When Is It Time to Call for Appliance Repairs?

Monday, February 20th, 2017 at 11:00 am

appliance-repairs-call-whenWhen you think about it, there are a number of appliances we rely on, on a daily basis in order to run our homes efficiently and effectively. From your cooling or heating systems and dishwasher to your refrigerator and even your microwave, these appliances improve your convenience and your comfort.

Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until an appliance has broken down completely before they call for service—and at this point the appliance could very well have reached the point that no repair will bring it back to life. When you know and watch for signs of an appliance in disrepair, you’re more likely to get it back up and running quickly and effectively.

Signs of Appliance Troubles

There are some signs that are more obvious than others when it comes to your need for appliance repairs. For example, if it starts making a strange or loud noise you’ve never heard it make before, this is a pretty clear indication that something is amiss.

Other indications are a little trickier. Perhaps your oven seems to be working just fine, for example, but it’s taking your food longer to bake (which likely means it’s not reaching your desired temperature even though the display shows that it is).

Increased utility bills is another “hidden” sign that you are in need of appliance repairs. Of course, a spike in your energy bills could be for many different reasons—you might have had a heat wave that caused you to start using your AC system much more often, for example. Nevertheless, if you notice this it’s a good idea to check your home appliances to see if they are all working as they should.

Specific Issues

There are some specific problems that impact certain appliances that are important to be aware of. While your instinct may be that the appliance is old and needs replacement, often a repair is all you need. Keep reading for common signs

Oven and Stove

  • Not adequately or evenly heating.
  • Malfunctioning burners.
  • Digital display not working, or not reading correctly.

Washing Machine and Dryer

  • Clothing is coming out damaged.
  • Washer is not filling or draining completely.
  • Dryer isn’t fully drying your clothes.

Refrigerator and Freezer

  • Not adequately cooling.
  • Condensation outside the appliance.
  • Frosting over or defrosting when it shouldn’t be.


  • Appliance isn’t cooking, or isn’t doing so evenly.
  • Internal light or digital display isn’t operating or is malfunctioning.
  • Timer won’t work right.

In addition to replacing appliances that might not need it just yet, a common mistake people make with their appliances is hiring a professional that does not have extensive experience with household appliances.

Untreated issues can lead to larger problems and potentially unnecessary replacement down the line, but hiring an amateur can find you replacing the system anyway, even after repair. This is quite often very costly, and is just unnecessary.

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