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AC Maintenance: What It Covers and Why It Helps

Monday, March 20th, 2017 at 11:00 am

ac-maintenance-what-it-coversHave you scheduled your annual Jacksonville, FL air conditioning maintenance appointment yet? Our team is unapologetically huge proponents of this vital service, as it helps maintain the efficiency of your AC system, and in turn helps it to last longer.

But it’s not enough to know that you should have this service done—you need to understand exactly why. What exactly happens during your AC maintenance appointment, and how does it really help out your system?

Maintenance Steps

During your maintenance appointment, our professional HVAC technicians will fully inspect, clean, and adjust your system when necessary. This includes:

Adjusting and Cleaning Blower Components: This helps to make sure that your air conditioner can successfully distribute conditioned air throughout your living space. If your AC system’s blower is compromised, then you may experience uneven cooling—which is inefficient and uncomfortable.

Lubricating Moving Parts: Without proper lubrication, the friction caused by moving parts rubbing together will eventually wear down those parts and cause damage.

Tightening Electrical Connections: This is one task that should only ever be completed by professionals, for your safety as well as the safety of your home.

Checking Refrigerant Levels: Your air conditioner is supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation to ideally last its entire lifecycle. Should you find your system is losing refrigerant, then it means that you have a leak that needs to be repaired.

Checking System Controls: Our team will ensure that your system controls are operating as they should so that your air conditioner is able to start up and shut down as it should.

Recommending Repairs: If upon inspection we find that you have repair needs, we will let you know so that you can address them right away. This reduces the likelihood that you’ll face a bigger emergency later on down the line.

Does AC Maintenance Really Help That Much?

Routine maintenance does more than you may realize to benefit you. Once a year (or twice a year, if you have a heat pump), you should have this service done—and when you do, you will discover the following.

Improved Efficiency: Your air conditioner starts losing efficiency from the moment it is installed. But you can slow down this process by investing in regular maintenance. When your HVAC system is properly cleaned, and parts are appropriately adjusted, your system will work more efficiently.

Decreased Repair Needs: Maintenance allows you to tackle small problems with your cooling system before they become larger emergencies. When a small repair need is neglected, it can create a domino effect and impact other parts of your system. Maintenance helps you eliminate this risk.

Money Savings: As mentioned above, a maintained system will have less—or at least less dramatic—repair needs, and will last longer. Because it will work more efficiently than a system without maintenance, you’ll find that your energy bills aren’t quite so high. Plus, premature replacement is less likely with maintenance, saving you money there as well.

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