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AC Maintenance: What It Covers and Why It Helps

March 20th, 2017

ac-maintenance-what-it-coversHave you scheduled your annual Jacksonville, FL air conditioning maintenance appointment yet? Our team is unapologetically huge proponents of this vital service, as it helps maintain the efficiency of your AC system, and in turn helps it to last longer.

But it’s not enough to know that you should have this service done—you need to understand exactly why. What exactly happens during your AC maintenance appointment, and how does it really help out your system?

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Does Your Home Need Rewiring?

March 6th, 2017

home-need-rewiringThe electrical demands we place on our homes today is far greater than that of even the last couple of decades. New high-efficiency appliances, devices, and gadgets are being developed in exponentially higher numbers every year. But as we add these components to our homes, we don’t always think about the implications it may have on our electrical system.

While in some cases an electrical panel upgrade may be what you need to ensure that your electric system is working efficiently—and safely—if your home is older then you may need new whole-house wiring all together. Whatever your needs are, you can rely on our team for quality Jacksonville, FL electrical services.

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When Is It Time to Call for Appliance Repairs?

February 20th, 2017

appliance-repairs-call-whenWhen you think about it, there are a number of appliances we rely on, on a daily basis in order to run our homes efficiently and effectively. From your cooling or heating systems and dishwasher to your refrigerator and even your microwave, these appliances improve your convenience and your comfort.

Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until an appliance has broken down completely before they call for service—and at this point the appliance could very well have reached the point that no repair will bring it back to life. When you know and watch for signs of an appliance in disrepair, you’re more likely to get it back up and running quickly and effectively.

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Are You Taking Good Care of Your Ductless System?

February 6th, 2017

ductless-system-careDuctless heating and cooling is a very efficient way to condition your home, particularly if you’ve purchased a system with the ENERGY STAR label on it. However, just like any other HVAC system, it can only work as well as it’s expected to if it’s well taken care of. This means scheduling routine professional maintenance, for starters.

Professional Jacksonville, FL ductless maintenance services allows our technicians to fully inspect and clean your HVAC unit, making any necessary adjustments and also making recommendations for repairs, if needed. Staying on top of your ductless services will help it function as well as it should for as long as it should.

Ductless system care isn’t only up to us though—there are some basic tasks that you can and should do on your own. We don’t expect you to become ductless system experts—that’s our job. But we can definitely guide you on how best to take care of your system in order to avoid huge problems.

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How Clean Is Your Bathroom, and Why Do We Care?

January 23rd, 2017

how-clean-is-your-bathroomWith temperatures in the area cooling down to the point that we can begin to turn off our air conditioning systems, now is the perfect time to turn your attention to another important component of your home comfort—your plumbing system. Particularly, your bathroom plumbing—is it in good shape? Are you having it maintained to limit your Jacksonville, FL plumbing repair needs?

In addition to having your plumbing professionally maintained on a routine basis, it’s important that you remain vigilant and aware of how clean your bathroom plumbing is. Take a look around your showerhead. Do you see possible mold growth, or a buildup of lime scale? Check your toilet too—both inside the bowl and the tank, as well as around the base.

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Thermostat Batteries: An Often Neglected HVAC Component

January 16th, 2017

There are a number of components to your HVAC systems that you have very little interaction with. However, your thermostat is not one of them. This device controls your entire heating system or cooling system, and essentially serves as its “brain.” Therefore, you need your thermostat to function as it should.

This is why we suggest that you change the batteries in your thermostat on a yearly basis. The last thing you want to do is wake up to discover your HVAC system has failed, when the problem is as simple as dead batteries, which you may not have on hand.

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Caring for Your Garbage Disposal

January 9th, 2017

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal system is likely one of the most underappreciated components you have in your home. Most homeowners don’t think very much about it—until there is a problem with it. And of course, garbage disposal problems can be pretty frustrating since it makes it so convenient for you to cook and clean without concerning yourself about sink clogs. Caring for your garbage disposal in the right way is essential to ensuring that it operates as it should for the years to come.

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Are You Completing This Important HVAC Maintenance Task?

January 2nd, 2017

When it comes to caring for your heating and cooling system, you may not think you need to do much more than schedule annual maintenance (or biannual maintenance, if you have a heat pump.) While this service is imperative, there is one task that you can and should be doing on your own: changing the air filter.

Here in Jacksonville, we of course utilize our air conditioning systems more than our heaters. But, whichever you use and for however long you use it, they both come equipped with air filters to strain our dust and other contaminants from the air. This helps keep your blower motor and other important components free of debris, and also improves your indoor air quality.

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Beware These Signs of Heating Repair Needs

December 26th, 2016

With nighttime temperatures dipping to the 40s, it’s very likely that you’ve finally begun to use your heating system. Hopefully in doing so, you haven’t discovered any operational problems. The best way to prevent such issues is with annual maintenance. However, no matter how well you take care of your heater, it may still run into problems. Keep reading for some signs that yours may be in disrepair.

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How Well Do You Care for Your Garbage Disposal?

December 19th, 2016

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal is one component of your plumbing system you probably give the least thought too. That is, until something goes wrong with it. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of how to properly care for their garbage disposal. Meaning, they often put things down their kitchen drain that a garbage disposal really isn’t equipped to handle.

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